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Our history
It all started with Grandma Sophia.

My grandmother loved to cook. She had many census of real Galician dishes. Inexpensive, tasty and close to the heart.

Among other things, pancakes stood out. Just fried, stacked on a plate, which we, children, ate with butter and sugar, gathered in a mug around the table. Pancakes with cheese and raisins for breakfast on Sunday, before going to church. Pancakes with meat for dinner, drinking broth.

Grandma Sofia received the recipe for the dough from her mother. And that from her mother. Grandma was the first to write down the recipe for homemade Lviv pancakes in her notebook. So when we decided to open a cafe, we had no doubt that we would cook. We already had the best - for us - census of pancake dough in the world. It remained only to make a variety of fillings. Complement the menu with soup and breakfast, coffee and tea, homemade cheesecakes.

We do not focus on wow effects. We just constantly work on the flavors of the fillings to match the pancakes that our grandmother worked for us, and before that - her mother and her grandmother.
Address: Lviv, Brativ Rohatyntsiv, 41
Phone +380 (67) 385 32 84
Why you should visit us?
Nourishing breakfasts in the center of Lviv
It doesn't matter if you have a working day or a tour of our city, breakfast in "Lviv pancakes" - something that will give you inspiration and energy for a long time.
To Have lunch at home? Come on in Lviv pancakes!
If you work or have meetings in the center of Lviv, having a cheap lunch is not a fantasy, but Lviv pancakes. You can eat a large pancake, or you can take a smaller pancake and soup. There is always a choice.
A tasty stop while getting acquainted with Lviv
Crepes should be tried in Lyon. Pancakes - in New York. If you love pancakes and want to get a truly authentic taste of Lviv, come on in "Lviv pancakes"!
The perfect date
Unobtrusive stylish interior, nice music, quiet beautiful street, hearty men's pancakes, easy for a young lady. Wine and cocktails. If a date in the center of Lviv, come on in "Lviv pancakes"!
Joy for the whole family
If you walk with children, then you have a snack in "Lviv pancakes". Rarely does a child not like pancakes. In addition, we have special children's offers. And also there is something to occupy your children
Delicacies from Grandma Sophia
Special offers
Offer of the day
Delicacies from Grandma Sophia
Special offers
Offer of the day
Lviv Pancakes is a small European cafe on Brativ Rohatyntsiv Street that everyone knows, and not only in Lviv. It is loved for his eternal values, for his simplicity, for his attention to detail, for the incredible friendliness of the people who work there, for a very special atmosphere. And of course for a delicious and light cuisine.
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